Disable the mouse acceleration curve in Mac OS X

Created on Feb 11, 2019 by 

  1. copydefaults write .GlobalPreferences com.apple.mouse.scaling -1


You can also read the current Mouse Acceleration setting by doing the following command:

$ defaults read .GlobalPreferences com.apple.mouse.scaling



defaults -- access the Mac OS X user defaults system


defaults [-currentHost | -host hostname] read [domain [key]]
defaults [-currentHost | -host hostname] read-type domain key
defaults [-currentHost | -host hostname] write domain { 'plist' | key 'value' }
defaults [-currentHost | -host hostname] rename domain old_key new_key
defaults [-currentHost | -host hostname] delete [domain [key]]
defaults [-currentHost | -host hostname] { domains | find word | help }


Defaults allows users to read, write, and delete Mac OS X user defaults from a command-line shell. Mac OS X applications and other programs use the defaults system to record user preferences and other information that must be maintained when the applications aren't running (such as default font for new documents, or the position of an Info panel). Much of this information is accessible through an appli- cation's Preferences panel, but some of it isn't, such as the position of the Info panel. You can access this information with defaults